Strategic plan - English Questionnaire

Questionnaire produced by Antonio Martinez at a meeting for Agenda21 participants in July 2008.
This questionnaire was subsequently translated into English and distributed to interested English Speaking persons, so that they could submit their impressions

Antonio Martínez, an economist and director of the Strategic Plan for the future of Elche, has been hired to coordinate the preparation of a plan to draw up a model for the future of the town. A future which is wanted by all. In April he gave an inspirational talk about the importance of citizen participation in planning the future of towns. This talk was entitled "Xàbia and the challenges of its citizens: Strategic urban planning". Over three sessions, Martinez met with politicians, the Council of Tourism and Agenda 21 so as to canvass public opinion on the most positive and negative aspects of Xàbia and its assets.
For a Report on the original meeting see:

Summary results from the English version of the questionnaire are shown in Questionnaire results

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