Summer Tourism Figures 2011

Press Release

Average occupancy in August 88.64% according to Tourism Department

Javea. Monday, 12 September 2011.

After analysing the occupancy data collected during the summer and sounding out the perception of the businesses in the sector, the tourism department of Javea has determined that the summer of 2011 has been better than 2010. The department led by Antonio Miragall reveals that, whilst the hotel accommodation has remained the same, the occupation of flats, villas and holiday homes has increased significantly with respect to the previous year, as the Tourism Estimation Formula (TEF) clearly shows.

This tool, which estimates the floating population of the municipality based on water consumption and waste generation, has calculated that Javea hosted an average of 71,153 people during the month of July, 32, 653 of whom were registered population and 38,500 of whom were tourists on overnight stays in the municipality. This figure is well above that of the previous year (31,205). As for August, the TEF estimates the number of tourists at 46,811, indicating an increase of nearly 10,000 visitors with respect to the previous year (38,248).

As for the figures provided by hotels, in July the occupation was very similar to 2010, with a 74%-occupancy of the 1,045 available beds. Of the 1,459 spots at the two campsites, 62.11% were occupied, 6% more than last year. And in rental accommodation, occupancy reached 75% in regulated rental apartments, maintaining the percentage of the previous year.

During the month of August, Javea registered average tourist occupancy of 88.64%, a figure very similar to the occupancy in 2010. The average occupancy in hotels was 84%, in campsites 81.58%, and the occupancy in tourist rentals reached 98% during the first half of August and remained at 95% for the rest of the month, a figure higher than the previous year.

September is also registering good tourist occupancy, with 65% in hotels and 70% in flats. It is worth mentioning the increase in high-end establishments such as four-star hotels due to reduced prices throughout the summer. Meanwhile, lower-end establishments experienced a slight decrease during the week and an occupancy rate of 98% during the weekends.

As a new initiative, this year the Town Hall has asked the opinion of the establishments with regard to average spending. All agree that despite the good occupancy, the average spending of clients has decreased significantly. There has also seen a tendency to shorten the holiday stays.

As for the origin of the tourists who come to Javea, there has seen an increase in the French market and in countries like Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic, compared to a decline in the British market and a stagnation in the German, Belgian and Dutch markets.

The major international source markets are the British with 45% and French with 37%. They are distantly followed by the German (7.5%) and Dutch (3.7%) markets. As for the main national source markets, the leaders once again are Valencia (37.2%) and Madrid (34.5%), followed by the Basque Country and Catalonia with a much lower percentage (2.5%).

Statistics and activities

As for the statistics on the number of visits received by the three tourist offices in Javea, during the month of July they serviced a total of 4,868 groups of visitors, mostly families and couples (approximately 12,170 people), making for a total of 7,825 queries. During this month the percentage of users of national origin was 34.3% and the percentage of international origin was 65.7%.

During August the number of groups of visitors was 6,973, representing a total of 17,432 users and 10,602 registered queries. The percentage of visitors of national origin increased with respect to the previous month to 44.3%, and those of international origin declined to 55.7%.

The most common queries in the tourist offices had to do with general local information about beaches and bays, look-out points, transport, information on cultural activities, festivals and leisure activities, the surroundings and queries about outdoor activities such walking and hiking.

As in previous years, the Department of Tourism organized several hiking tours through the Network of Natural Areas of Javea. There were a total of 13 outings that were attended by a total of 338 users.

They also organized 13 dramatized routes of the Old Town of Javea during the summer period, reaching a total of 480 users. The guided tours in German, English and French accumulated 295 users, with a very good assessment by the clients. As a result of the notable success of these routes, the Department of Tourism is considering increasing the offer next summer with dramatized routes in the Port of Javea.

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