The Day of the Tree 2006

Press Release - The Day of the Tree 2006 - Two programmes: Education and reforestation (translated by CBJ)


The Dept of the Environment, Jávea Town Council, through Aula de la Natura del Portitxol (the Classroom of Nature, Portitxol ) is going to carry out a campaign of reforestation to celebrate of the DAY OF THE TREE. This campaign is aimed at level 5 Primary school students in the Municipality and around 250 students will participate. The reforestation work will be under the direction of Biologists of the Aula de la Natura: Fernando Cano and Teresa Bou, and will continue until March 8th.

With this campaign students will be made to appreciate the problems of forest fires.
During the campaign and while participating in reforestation, students will come to know the main consequences of fires, the process of recovery of a burned zone and the measures of prevention that can be adopted.

This activity, directed at students will be carried out in Granadella Forestry park, in the neighborhood of the fire-fighting centre.

Day of Reforestation

In addition, the council will revive the traditional day of reforestation which is open to all who wish to participate. This will take place on Sunday 5th of March.

The zone of re-planting is in the Granadella Forestry Park, in this case in the southwest area, closest to the Cumbre del Sol. The meeting point will be the third chain or forestry track at 10.00 am. This day will be organised with the collaboration of Protecció Civil de Xàbia, Bomberos Voluntarios de Cumbres del sol, Cruz Roja de Xàbia y la Asociación de Bomberos Voluntarios de Balcón al Mar.

For this replanting campaign the Town Hall has acquired more than 1000 plants, which will be added to the 800 plants provided by the Ministry of Lands and Housing.

The species with which the replanting will take place are, among others:
Carob Tree (el algarrobo (Ceratonia siliqua));
Mastic Tree (lentisco (Pistacia lentiscus)),
Mediterranean Buckthorn (aladierno (Rhamnus alaternus)),
Black Buckthorn (espino negro (Rhamnus licyoides)),
Sandarac (a type of Cypress) almez (Tetraclinis articulata),
Olive (acebuche (Olea europaea var. sylvestris)),
Dwarf Palm (palmito (Chamaerops humilis)),
Prickly Juniper (enebro (Juniperus oxycedrus))
Kermes Oak (coscoja (Quercus coccifera))

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