The Town Hall to Urbanize a Public Area in Freginal


The Town Hall to Urbanize a Public Area in Freginal

Javea. Tuesday, 16 August 2011.

The Javea Town Hall Executive Board has awarded a contract for the project management of a plan that is complementary to the channelling of the Freginal Barranquet. According to Public Works Councillor, Paco Torres, the paving of an area of municipal land between the Malta and Molí de la Safranera streets was included within this project. Taking advantage of the situation, a decision was reached to develop this area and provide it with all necessary services.

The new project includes cobbled paving, creating pavements, installation of street lighting and trees, creation of a parking area and a bicycle lane. According to Torres, the project also involves fencing in the perimeters of all municipal sports facilities such as the trinquet, the municipal football field, handball courts and the sports ground, rugby field and the school football field. The fencing will include a side door, in case the Town Hall should ever decide to completely close the complex at any point.

The public works project will also improve some basic infrastructures such as the burial of a medium voltage electricity cable, the installation of a water mains network, rainwater drainage system, or the plumbing in the athletic facilities. The Councillor added that the area will thereby be prepared should they ever decide to open the road laid out in the General Plan from the town entrance on the Gata Road, giving direct access to the sports facilities, via the Sortetes area.

Moreover, the public water utility company AMJASA will also be taking advantage of the works to replace a 50+ year old pipe with a new one that is 2.5 metre wide, connecting the desalination plant to the new pipes in Sant Vicent street, and from there connecting with the area of the Calvario to provide a better service.

The Town Hall has managed to reduce the cost of the project by 39% from the initial estimated cost of 469,995 euros by including it within a modification of the Freginal plan. This means that the same company (the Joint Venture Company formed by the firms Asfaltos Guerola SA and Estructuras Gavir SL) will execute both projects at a total cost of 286,932 euros, plus VAT and other taxes.

Other topics covered in the Executive Board Meeting today were the approval of 20 licenses (17 minor works and 3 building), or the termination of the lease of a warehouse in Mossen Febrer Street, where the municipal brigade had been storing its material, now moved to a municipal storage site. This is yet one more measure of the savings plans promoted by the Executive.

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