Town Board Meeting 5th Sept 2011

The Town Council grants over 70,000 euros to sports clubs and associations.

Javea. Monday, September 5, 2011.

The Javea Town Council Executive Board meeting held this morning has agreed to grant more than 70,000 euros in financial aid agreements with sports clubs and associations. The grants, which were included in the general budget of 2011, are similar to those received by these teams and associations in 2010. Therefore, the Football Club Mediterráneo will receive 2,500 euros, the Basketball Club Joventut Xàbia 43,113 euros, the Javea Tennis Club 9,145 euros and the Xàbia Pilota Club 3,920 euros. In addition to sports, the Council will provide financial aid to the Xàbia Institut d'Estudis Comarcals de la Marina Alta with a 2,700-euro grant, as well as the Association of Housewives, Consumers and End Users with 9,706 euros. All these financial aid agreements will be posted on the municipal website so they can be consulted by all those concerned.

Another of the issues addressed today by the Executive Board was the granting of one first occupation license and two building licenses. Also approved was the extension until December 7 of the Council Tax (IBI) voluntary payment period for rural and urban properties.

When this Press release was criticised in XAD, the Councillor for Sport, JuanLu, wrote this:

Hello, I'll try to explain, perhaps other people do not understand.
For starters, these grants are the last of this year and were already prepared by the previous administration.

The tennis club receives a grant because there is a tennis school and the grant reduces the price to children who are not members. Also rest assured that we are negotiating with the tennis club, for an improvement in the rates for non-members and we're also studying a couple of municipal paddle courts.

The Pilota Club, yes, has more people than the Mediterraneo and especially a growing children's school, but rest assured that the Mediterraneo is also going to do better under the new agreement as they have gone up in ranking, and also their costs are up ..

CD .. Jávea is a case apart, but still it is the club with the longest pedigree and most members in addition to having the biggest and most important children's school with more than 300 students.
Greetings and I hope I've dispelled your doubts.

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