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Javea creates New advisory board for Planning and Environment

The advisory body will meet twice a month in the Santa Ana Chapel

Javea, Thursday 2nd February 2012.

Jávea Town Hall has formally constituted the new Advisory Board for Planning and Environment. The forum will meet to discuss the options for development and environmental issues affecting the municipality. One of the most important objectives will be to discuss the future Plan General de Ordenación Urbana, currently under review, as well as sound out the opinions on more specific issues such the planning of roundabouts and the infrastructure affecting the streets and roads.

The Mayor José Chulvi has appointed Pere Sapena, Councillor for Urban Planning, to preside the new advisory board and he will be joined by a representative from each party represented in the town council: Rafael Bas (PSOE), Salvador Ferrer (CPJ), José Luis Genovés (PP), Francesc Catalá (Bloc-Centristes) and Paco Catala, who will represent the Grupo Mixto after his departure from Nueva Javea late last year. The remaining members are representative from neighbourhood associations, businesses, the construction and service industries as well as technical experts and members of the Agenda 21 forum. Although these groups are entitled to only one representative each, they have elected various co-representatives who will take turns attending the meeting depending on the nature of the issues to be debated at each session.

Acting on behalf of the neighbourhood associations will be Ramona Cardona (Raval de la Mar), Vicente Soler (Frechinal), José Sanchez (urbanisations) and Reme Berenguer (Centro Historico). Attending on behalf of the business associations will be Bartolomé Bas (Arenal), Sico Valles (Centro Historico) and Geovanny Sanchez (Port); for the construction and maintenance industry will be Emilio Sentí and Pedro Cholbi; for the service and catering industry will be José Manuel Piña, Nieves Montisi and Jaime Garcia; and on behalf of the Agenda 21 forum will be Manuel Fernandez and Guiomar Ramirez-Montesinos and the contruction-related technicians will be represented by Raul Bover, Julio Sela, Juan Vicente Pons, Juan Catalá, Juan Serret and Jaime Ramundo Perona.

The planning board will meet every two weeks in the Santa Ana Chapel next to the technical offices in Carrer d'Avall.

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