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From Press release Friday October 30th 2015 and English version on Facebook.

Xàbia Town Hall activates a transparency portal to make municipal information more accessible to citizens

Ximo Segarra, the Xàbia councillor for Transparency and New Technologies, has introduced a new transparency portal launched by the Town Hall to make it more accessible and easier for citizens to check all public information. Easily accessible on the municipal website (, it is organized into five sections, one with economic and financial information (budgets, agreements, grants, public property of the town, and reports), another section on urban development (with current legislation and its amendments) and a third of an institutional nature that collects data from public officials, with their responsibilites and remuneration and how to contact them; and the internal organization of the Corporation and its objectives, in addition to the minutes of the plenary sessions, once they are approved.

The fourth focuses on strengthening the virtual relationship with citizens, facilitating the location of news or linking to social networks from which queries or complaints are addressed, in addition to accessing the current channels of citizen participation, and a new discussion and debate forum which will be activated soon, announced Segarra.

The last section contains all legislation relating to transparency, a challenge within the codes of good governance to which Xàbia Town Hall wishes to give full weight and importance, for the first time creating a specific council post and assigning it to the youngest councillor to bring a renewed and up-to-date vision which we expect from the new generation of the administration, explained the Mayor, José Chulvi.

The mayor is convinced that is the right of citizens to have access to all this information (although in some cases already available, it was not always easy to find or understand) so that the public can monitor the work of the councillors, especially in cases as Xàbia with a majority ruling council, and "provide constructive criticism to help us improve".

In addition, Ximo Segarra revealed that since the beginning of legislature internally, there has been much hard work, as can be shown from the fact that in the last four months the Town Hall has gone from the index of 6 to 40 of the 80 indicators for the transparency index for government bodies. However, "we will meet them all" guarantees Segarra, who has dedicated all his work to achieving this. In addition he announced that within a few months there will be new developments with a new platform to make public all data related to the Town Hall procurement processes.


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