Urban development - contrasting policies

Different Urban Development models submitted to Agenda21 by the various political parties

The urban models proposed by different Xàbia political parties in response to the Local Agenda 21 questionnaire have notable differences and in some cases contradictory land use patterns.
A summary of the planning models presented by the five political groups which responded to the questionnaire is given below in alphabetical order:

The Bloc intends to relinquish the monoculture of construction and move towards a model that includes agriculture, high added value industries and the building of sustainable housing with better features and renewables. This would ultimately produce quality employment. The General Plan should be participatory and preserve green spaces and natural areas, deeming the land as the most precious resource.
NJ thinks that Xàbia should be consolidated as a garden town, with a high level of services, which can be maintained around the municipality's various urban centres; an extensive area of detached houses (chalets/villas), with spacious plots and landscaped gardens. They consider this to be the model traditionally sought by the majority of residents who have chosen to live in Xàbia.
PP. expects the General Plan to define a sustainable model of growth. They back a sustainable Xàbia which promotes sustainable construction and eco-construction as urban models for the future.

The PSOE is not proposing a model of the town itself, but rather development of the model with citizen participation and through the Strategic Plan. They are environmentally inclined to protect Xàbia's landscape to the highest degree possible, since it has a unique heritage value. They therefore intend to reduce the amount of urbanisable land and protect the Pla and as much of the municipality as possible.
XD. is committed to a model of a low-density town, optimizing rational land occupation along with the establishment of measures in the General Plan to achieve a distribution of capital gains arising from urban development. It also proposes to concentrate business in an industrial area managed and developed by the Town Council

The Local Agenda 21 is a citizen participation body which aims to involve people in the design , strategy, plans and projects to achieve more sustainable towns Sustainability is an undeniable and inescapable goal, the Agenda21 of Xàbia wanted to involve the political parties through the questionnaire to hear the ideas and proposals that different mayoral candidates had to improve the sustainability of the municipality.

The local Agenda 21 encourages participation, dialogue and the definition of models based on the Spanish Strategy for Urban and Local Sustainability (Estrategia Española de Sostenibilidad Urbana y Local), and invites the political groups to set up meetings after the election to agree on town planning criteria to ensure the quality of life and land for future generations.
From Agenda21 Press Release

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