Useful names, numbers and links

Xàbia Town Council 2015:

See :
For list of councillors, areas of responsibility and e-mail addresses

Town Hall website:
Tourist website (in English):

Councillors for specific areas:

Arenal: Pilar Zamora gro.aibaxja|aromaz.ralip#gro.aibaxja|aromaz.ralip;
Thiviers: José Luis Luengo gro.aibaxja|ogneul.siul.esoj#gro.aibaxja|ogneul.siul.esoj;
Freginal: Montse Villaverde gro.aibaxja|edrevalliv.estnom#gro.aibaxja|edrevalliv.estnom;
Port: Marta Banyuls : gro.aibaxja|slunab.atram#gro.aibaxja|slunab.atram ;
Urbanisations: Doris Courcelles gro.aibaxja|sellecruoc.sirod#gro.aibaxja|sellecruoc.sirod

Emergency Services 112

Video: "Help Me" The Secrets of using 112 on a mobile phone in an emergency/accident

Emergency Police Helpline (domestic violence and elderly people) 628 365 174

Red Cross 96 579 1961
Medical Centre 96 579 5811
Emergency Pharmacy:

Department of Relations Foreign Residents

HelpDesk, Avda Amanecer 2
965790500 ext: 1316

Environment and Services (bus tickets) 96 579 6969

See Ecoparc for information on recycling and rubbish disposal at the Ecopark. Times not as advertised in the brochure. Sept-May: 9.00 to 13.30h and 15.30 a 17.30h, Monday to Saturday; June - August: 9.00 to 13.30h and 16.00 to 20.00h, Monday to Saturday.

See Basura Tax Reduction for instructions and a form for Xàbia pensioners to claim for a reduction in rubbish collection rates

See JaveaAmigos for information on "Cutting the Red Tape" in Jávea

Information for Expats

  • For general information for all EU residents see Alicante Government Website for European Residents

  • For help for UK Citizens see British Embassy in Madrid

  • How to Register on the Padron and Electoral Register
  • Registering as an EU Resident, getting a NIE

If you are a Javea resident, this can be done via the office in Teulada Town Hall
Tuesdays from 09:00 to 13:00 hours by appointment only: To make an appointment go to the Town hall on the first Friday of each month to make an appointment. Most people use Denia, but this is often very busy and geeting an appointment can be a nightmare.

It is possible to get your residence certificate at other Foreigner's offices. See the link below. Javea expats report success from Benidorm, Alcoy ….and Granada!

  • List of Foreigners' Offices in the Valencian Community:

  • Info for Foreign Nationals in Alicante province:

Ciudadanos Extranjeros (in English)

  • Catastral data and cartography (Need your catastral reference number to get your property's info.)

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