Valencia Plan for the Canal de la Fontana

The Valencia Department of Infrastructure has sent the Xàbia Town Council the blueprint for the construction of new "marina" through the reorganisation of the Canal de la Fontana. There will be a public tender for the management and operation of the canal over the next 30 years, with a planned minimum investment of €4.2 million and an annual fee of € 65,000.

The bill, which includes consideration for the presence of the outfall from the desalination plant, mechanisms to increase the draft of the channel and other minor issues, includes the creation of 385 moorings and service areas for boats and hospitality business areas.

According to the document, they expect to dredge the entire channel from the bridge to the current Fontana pier to a depth of two meters by "hydraulic and mechanical methods." This is because the Council reminded the Department that there are are various pockets of drinking water under the channel and the use of mechanical systems could affect them. Near the mouth of the canal, dredging will be up to 2.5 meters deep.

In addition, lanyards, water and lighting must be installed every 15-20 meters, as well as public street lighting and furniture, and new networks for drinking water, electricity and fire prevention.

There must also be a service building, another administrative area, a boathouse, and a careening area for boats, as well as two bridges to connect both sides of the channel. The plan also provides for other cultural, educational and hospitality buildings and flatly prohibits any residential buildings, be they apartments or hotels.

Regarding the moorings, the bill states that can be of three types: rental, preferential and transient. The first are those that will be used for a period less than one year, the second for rent during the entire term of the concession. Transients are to be reserved for the use of vessels from other ports.

Also, the Valencia Government announced that there will be a transitional period from the date of the installation of the current facility for users to adapt to the new rates. This will be for six months during which they must pay a rent that will 75% of the rate provided by the dealership. Boats elegible are those who are currently registered with the Generalitat.

Upon completion of the six months, they could get a concessional rates. The Department affirms that it will create a register for collecting applications for a mooring.

The Town Hall will prepare a report and submit it to the Department and wait, since Valencia has not indicated any deadlines, or when the bidding process is likely to begin.

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