Vila proposal to urbanise the Saladar

A proposal to urbanise the Saladar area of Javea was presented at a meeting in the Parador on January 23rd 2008 . The presentation was organised by a group known as "La Agrupación de Interés Urbanístico el Saladar", the president of which is Salvador Vila (Developer Grupo Saladar) .


(NOTE: The Agenda21 Citizens forum has already agreed that this area should be used as a public space including park and sporting facilities)

The core of this project is the creation of a permanent artificial lake which collects inflows from the barrancos of Adsubia, Tosalet, Cansalades and Portixol.

The lake floor is 0.5m above sea level and the lake is 1m deep with an initial capacity of 85,000 m3. When flooded, an embankment which rises to 3.5m above sea level creates a capacity of 153,300 m3 (one in 25 year flood event). It should be noted that some of the surrounding land is at a lower level than the embankment (between 2.2m and 2.5m above sea level).


The lake water is circulated by a pump, which pumps it uphill to the confluence with a barranco. It then returns by gravity.

During flood, the lake spills into the sea at Arenal beach, via a 10m wide, rectangular section open channel, 220m long. This should provide protection against one in 100 year floods, but there is no provision for one in 500 year events.


The project includes parking spaces and the construction of some 1718 houses.

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