Virgen del Carmen 2011

Jávea’s Seamen celebrate the Virgen del Carmen

Press Release - July 11th 2011

The Fishermen’s Guild of Jávea celebrates the festival in honour of the Holy Virgen del Carmen this Saturday with the traditional maritime procession that sails through the bay. The Chief Skipper Moises Erades explained that this year for the first time in the history of this festival which has been celebrated for over three decades, the image of the patron of the sea will be transported by a small fishing boat. On this occasion, the trammel boat “Irene y Joaquín” will have the honour of transporting the virgin and local authorities such as the Mayor José Chulvi, the Councillor for Fiestas Juan Ortolá, the President of the Fishermen’s Guild and representatives from the Church and the Safety Forces.

The seamen’s festivities will begin at 8.00 am with a wakeup call of music and firecrackers that will travel through the streets of the Port. At 11.45 The Guild will go to the Casa del Pescador, where the image of the Virgen del Carmen is kept all year, and move her to the Loreto Church. A Choral Mass in honour of the patron will be celebrated there and presided by the authorities.

At 1.00 pm, weather permitting, the image will be taken to the western breakwater, where everyone is invited to board the various vessels that will accompany the procession. In addition to the 19 fishing boats that pertain to Jávea’s Fishermen’s Guild, motorboats from the Sea Rescue Service, Police, Guardia Civil, Red Cross, as well as numerous recreational watercraft, will also take part. The flotilla will sail to the Montañar area, where flowers will be scattered in memory of those lost at sea and deceased fishermen. All participating vessels are welcome to bring their flower offerings.
The festivity will conclude with a seafarer’s luncheon inside the Fish Market.

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