Water Observatory

Statutes, reports and Minutes of the Water Observatory (Observatorio de Agua) OAX and links to Amjasa resources.

More tap, less Plastic, Wet Wipes, Mediterranean gardens

OAX develops campaigns to deal with three major problems relating to water supplies.
OAX Meeting November 5th 2018 - working papers

Statutes of the Water Observatory

Statutes Water Observatory - OAX
((Rough translation of part of the Original Statutes: http://amjasa.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/OAX.pdf))

Minutes of June 2nd 2016 Meeting (in Castellano)


Report on Performance measures for drought 2016 English translation

Original report "Informe al OAX sobre la ejecución de medidas por sequía" (In Castellano). Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

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