Who's who in the party lists

Top Candidates of each party and their professions

Listed below are the top candidates on each party list, the names they are commonly known by (nick-name, abbreviation, etc..) and their profession or most prominent social position. Only those who are likely to be elected are shown.

Ciudadanos por Jávea
1.Juan Orton - councillor for Transport and Civil Protection
2.Teresa Bisquert - president of the Commission of San Juan Fiestas

1.José Chulvi - Socialist spokesman, was councillor for Tourism for 15 months, specialist in physical activities/sports
2.Amparo Bolufer - school teacher, Graüll. councillor
3.Antonio Miragall - tourism wholesaler - President Marina Alta Association of Travel agents.
4.Doris Courcelles - former councillor for Services
5.Cesc Camprubí - tourism entrepreneur; Diploma in public administration
6.Paco Torres - engineer , Industrial technology
7.Montse Villaverde - social worker
8.Arturo King - hospitality/catering
9.Kika Mata - businesswoman: construction sector services, councillor
10.George Thomas - senior manager in international business development, now retired

Esquerra Republicana, Junts per Xàbia
1.Jaume Ivorra - shopkeeper, Arenal
2.Juanjo Sala - psychologist

Xàbia Democrática
1.Óscar Anton - lawyer, spokesman for the mixed group (councillors not attached to any party)
2.Juanlu Cardona - Old Town entrepreneur
3.Pere Sapena - architect, has worked for the municipality of Pego
4.Elizabeth Collins - Served on committee of the U3A
5.Georgina Rodríguez - translator and political scientist

1.Eduardo Monfort - mayor, lawyer
2.Pepa Chorro - councillor for Town Planning and Public Participation, forensic scientist
3.Vicent Chorro - councillor for Finance, teacher at IES
4.Antonio Torres - councillor for Town Works, builder
5.Quica Gil - councillor for Culture, teacher

1.Juan Carlos Ortín - lottery vendor

1.José Juan Castelló - associate professor in the Faculty of International Law at the University of Valencia
2.José Luis Genovés García - veterinarian
3.Rosa Maria Cardona - supermarket employee
4.Toñi Sebastià - former Red Cross president
5.Teresa Ern - bank employee

Nueva Jávea
1. Juan Planelles - Old Town entrepreneur, councillor
2.Paco Català - architect, has his own office and also works for the town of Llíber. councillor
3.Ana Vasbinder - director of institutional relations of the Salus Balearic group; was Jávea Councillor for Culture and Social Services for 6 years, councillor
4.Belén Quiroga - real estate agent

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