Widgets and Gadgets

Gadgets and Widgets

Basically different names for the same thing.- Microsoft calls theirs "Gadgets". Apple Mac calls theirs "Widgets"

What they are:

Small applications which can be embedded into web pages (such as Weather Gadget on Club's Main Page), or onto computer and smart phone desktops. Typically display real time information obtained from the device or from the Internet.

Written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. - can easily be written for different platforms:

Desktop Gadgets came in with Vista and were installed in a Sidebar. In Windows 7 they float around freely on the desktop.
They are not native to XP, but there are third party add-ons for XP.

You can run Widgets on the iphone: See

Why use desktop gadgets and widgets?

Desktop gadgets can keep information and tools readily available for you to use. For example, you can display news headlines right next to your open programs. This way, if you want to keep track of what's happening in the news while you work, you don't have to stop what you're doing to switch to a news website. A desktop analog clock, which you can keep "always on top" is great for keeping track of the time (especially when you are "WILFing" - What was I looking for?)

Third party options.

You need to install some helper software first (which creates a transparent layer upon which the gadgets sit). This means that Google Gadgets are not compatible with Yahoo Widgets etc. You have to install both lost of helper software which hogs system resources.

1. Google Desktop Gadgets
Need to install Google Desktop first, so that you can install the Google Sidebar. No idea how many gadgets are available.

2. Yahoo Widgets pack - For Windows and MAC
Installs a collapsible sidebar and a starter pack of widgets. You can delete the ones you do not want.
The weather Widget does Denia (no Javea!) - Over 6000 to choose from. More aesthetically pleasing that Google ones.

Here's a comparison of the Google and Yahoo offerings!

3. Desktop Sidebar
Desktop Sidebar provides you with instant access to the information you most desire by grabbing data from your PC and the internet. The result is a dynamic visual display you configure and control.
How can you make this possible? Choose from among a wide selection of information conduits (e.g. MS Outlook, toolbars, newsfeeds), called "panels". Fully customizable, Desktop Sidebar allows you to dock these panels to the edge of the screen, or arrange them anywhere on your desktop as you wish. All panels are configurable with a number of specific options. With hundreds of skins available in our Extras Page and an easy to use Skin Editor, you can freely change the appearance of Desktop Sidebar to suit your tastes.

4. Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar V1.0
Welcome to Thoosje.com the community for Windows OS Enhancement, Optimizing and Tweaking
Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar V1.0 is the new Windows Seven style sidebar for Windows XP and Vista.
It's 50% faster then the original sidebar and It has many gadgets like Various Search gadgets for Torrent, Google etc, Clock gadget, Calendar gadget, CPU harddrive Gadget and many more Sidebar gadgets.

Windows VISTA and Windows 7 - Gadgets are built in and many are available from Microsoft

Official Microsoft Gadgets- avilable from the Personalisation gallery for Vista and Win 7

Information about Windows 7 Gadgets is on:

You can also install third party Gadgets/Widgets on Vista and Windows 7

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