Xabia renovates one of the windmills on la Plana

November 18th 2008
The Town Hall has restored the architectural structure of one of the most important emblems of Xàbia's heritage, one of the series of windmills on the San Jeronimo plana.
The restoration work, carried out by specialist Valencian Torremar, has helped to restore the structure of one of the two municipally owned windmills. The restoration so far (the dome, staircase and wall reinforcement) has cost 100,000 Euros of which 16,000 was from a grant from Alicante. The sails and mechanism as well as the roof have yet to be installed at an additional cost of another 100,000 though the Town Hall does not think it can afford it. Javea was the wheatfield of Alicante in the 17th Century and had 13 windmeills (11 on the Plana) milling tons of wheat over three centuries.

The Mayor hoped that Agenda21 could be persuaded to help coordinate fund raising to complete the restoration.
From Xabia al Dia Xàbia recupera....


Shot during the restoration work.

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