Woes, woops and whoa there

Property Woes

There are more reports of construction companies coming under the cosh, with the word recession creeping more frequently into analyses of the current economic situation. Predictions mount of further pain ahead, for construction companies, their shareholders and banks, together with those property owners with variable rate mortgages or who may need to sell.
( from El Pais 16 July)

More Grava Indignation

The Summer Sculpture Exhibition on the promenade above the Grava beach by the harbour in Javea has provoked more reaction than usual. Panels created by local sculptor Toni Miro have been deemed by some to be depicting scenes more pornographic than erotic. ‘Not the sort of thing to which young children should be exposed’ has been one comment.
(from Levante 16 July '08)

A Good Read for a Lot of Bulls

The Generalitat has published guidelines on how bull runs to the sea should be conducted. It has been directed, for those organizing such matters, to those in Comunidad resorts, including Javea, where bull running to the sea edge ‘Bous al Mar’ is conducted as part of local fiestas.
The report aims to ensure safety for all, including the bulls, emphasizing that those under 16 (children, not bulls)should not participate.
(from Las Provincias 9 July '08)

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