Workshop for the unemployed


Education Department creates workshop to help jobseekers find work

The course will also offer psychological tools for coping with unemployment

Javea. Thursday, January 12, 2012. The Department of Education, through the Municipal Guidance Counseling Centre, is offering a workshop for unemployed persons that will teach strategies for improving personal and social skills to apply in everyday life and for the task of finding a job. This training, which begins next week, will be useful, both for dealing with the difficulties of being out of work, as well as for finding a new job and making productive use of free time.

The classes will take place over seven sessions on Tuesdays from 10-12 am, from January 17th until February 28th. The content of the training workshop includes learning to prepare for job interview, learning to write an effective curriculum and other practical training aimed at finding employment. During the course there will be a visit to the Creama offices in Javea, where they will explain all the resources at their disposal or how to check the job offers in the Servef or on other sites such as Infojobs.

Other techniques that will be taught in this workshop include learning how to control stress or how to improve verbal and nonverbal communications skills through roleplaying exercises. Likewise, the mechanisms that promote positive thinking and assertiveness will also be explored, as well as the social skills for communication and participation.

Signing up is free and the registration period is open until 16th January at the Centro Social de Xàbia (calle Rafael Echagüe number 3). For more information, phone 96 579 4142 or send an email to gro.aibaxja|aigogadepocisp#gro.aibaxja|aigogadepocisp

With the workshop “Pon en marcha tu tiempo libre” (or "Put your free time to good use"), the Department of Education, headed by Councillor Empar Bolufer, would like to contribute to the proactive policies that the Town Hall is promoting to address the serious social and economic costs of unemployment.

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