Workshops for parents of teenage children


Javea Town Hall organises family workshops for parents of teenage childen

Professionals will advise on dealing with sexuality, substance abuse and communication breakdown.

Javea. Wednesday, February 01, 2012.

How would you react if your son told you he was fed up and threatened to leave home? Or if your daughter confessed that she was two months pregnant and had no idea what to do? What would you do if you found marijuana in your son's pockets? How would you react if you received a phone call from the police saying that your daughter was in an alcoholic coma? Preparing yourself for these situations is the main goal of the workshop that the Javea Town Hall and the local Red Cross Assembly have organised for the parents of teenagers in the municipality. At these meetings parents will learn techniques for improving communication within the family, as well as tips on how to prevent, or how to react appropriately to problems having such as teenage sex, substance abuse, or eating disorders. The project involves the departments of Youth, Health, Social Services and Education, whose staff will help explain the problems that teenagers are facing and how they affect their relationship with their parents.

Tere Bisquert,Councillor for Social Services, explained that the workshop, a request from the Local Board of Health, is free and is aimed at parents of teenagers between 12 and 18 years of age. The classes will be held on Wednesdays, starting 22nd February 22 and ending 28th March, with two schedules to choose from: morning (from 9.30 to 11.00 am) or evening (from 7.00 to 8.30 pm). The registration forms have been distributed to the students in the secondary schools for them to give to their parents. Information about the workshop is also available at Monjove (Casa de Cultura), the Social Centre, the Parents Associations (AMPA) or by email at ten.evojnom|evojnom#ten.evojnom|evojnom. The deadline for registration is Friday, 17th February.

The subjects to be covered in the workshop are: "How to improve communication with your children", by the psychologist from the Municipal Guidance Centre, Marina Pardo; "Adolescence and Conflict” by the social educators from Social Services family department; "Non-chemical and chemical addiction in teenagers: alcohol, cannabis, internet, social networks or mobile phone" by Javi Costa, from the Community Prevention Unit; "Talking to our kids about sex and the risks", by Lorena Bas from the Red Cross; "How to prevent and detect eating disorders" by Sefa Mulet, psychologist from the Red Cross and, finally "Teenagers and free time” coordinated by Vicent Buigues, manager of the Youth Department.

Additionally, if other areas of interest to the parents should come up in the course of the workshop, the Town Hall will be very happy to organise further workshops to deal specifically with these and find qualified experts.

The Town Hall staff involved in the programme recommend this workshop to all the parents of teenagers, even if they have already attended previous editions. Although the topics covered will be similar, the contents will be updated and new.

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