Xabia Democratica launch

Jan 23 2011

The most recent party to come on the scene, Xàbia Democratica, was launched this Saturday at the Javea Parador before an audience of 400 people, "tired of politicians and their impossible projects"

The new group, led by Councillor Oscar Anton (grupo mixto - no party afiliation), has several members of the Citizens' Forum Millora Xàbia and brought together a large number of foreigners and many unhappy ex New Jávea and PP supporters including several members of the faction that lost the last PP primary election, led by Juan Crisóstomo..

As a sign of the integration which Democratic Xàbia professes, the Committee has 15 members, including native Javienses, Spaniards from other other cities, British and even a Palestinian.

Vice president Cardona regretted that there had to be "frustration and disappointment in today's politicians who have spent more than 20 years in power," which has led to the creation of XD, but because of them, "we have not prospered over this entire period, and have fallen into lethargy, while other municipalities have gone ahead of us. " So Democratic Xàbia poses "a new concept of a political party which aspires to represent all javienses without distinction", composed of experienced and young people, humble and caring, and with enthusiasm."

Reflecting integration, two members of the new board have multicultural personal lives. José Javier Mata, member of Millora Xàbia and the local builders association, is married to an Englishwoman and has a young daughter who speaks fluent Castilian, Valencian and English.
While Norman Reely, married to a Valencian, has spent his career as a hotelier, also in Javea, where he has lived for 21 years, and has a daughter married to a Spaniard with two children. Norman expressed his belief that the worst enemy of integration is satellite television, and that the Town must make a major effort to reach citizens.

Finally Oscar Anton, Chairman of XD, spoke of the economic downturn, especially involving Xàbia, as compared to other towns in the Marina Alta, and recalled that "we are the fourth most indebted municipality in the district."
Anton called to action, and argued that "we cannot give blank checks to politicians", but that it is the citizens who must be involved in making major decisions, and proposed "to sign a contract" in front of the citizens through which the group agrees to work for all javienses in effective municipal management.

Membership Secretary, Elizabeth Collins, invited all attendees to become members to support the party's campaign activity. She noted that foreigners have been given until Tuesday 25 to register to vote. Collins also gave a clear warning to donors as to the receipt of funds: "we do not want any person or company thinking that because he has given us a gift, we will him a contract in the future."

The remaining members of the committee of Democratic Xàbia include Marie Smith (Treasurer), Llanos Lopez (Committee Secretary) Georgina Rodriguez (Campaign coordinator) Mariano Munuera (In charge of strategy) and members José Antonio Buigues Vallés (President of the Peña la Marina) Walid Ibeid, Geovany Sanchez (President of the Port Shopkeepers) and Pere Sapena (President of Old Town Residents).
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