Xàbia Dossier - 3 Education

(This is an unofficial, annotated translation of part of the Dossier on Local Background information about Xàbia; original prepared by IMEDES, 2006.)

· At present in Xábia there are 7 private infant schools and only one municipal infant school with 52 pupils.

·The absence of provision for infant schools in the Puerto and Arenal is noteworthy. The enormous deficit of places amounts to 60%; that is, 60 out of 100 children do not have a place for infant school education.

· In Primary Education there are five state schools and one private. There are also two authorised English schools, which also accept Spanish pupils. Of the five state schools, three are over thirty years old, one is 45 years old, and the remaining one was opened in the academic year 2004/2005.

·Of the students, we can say that practically 50% are of foreign origin. The Arenal school has the highest proportion of foreign students (about 80%).

· With reference to secondary education, there are two IES (secondary schools) which provide for all the school population of Javea: Antoni Llidó and IES No. 1. The latter offers vocational training courses.

· Xábia also has an EPA centre (Adult Education Centre), staffed by the Conselleria of Valencia and the Town Hall, which is attended by some 300 students on all the courses offered.

· In addition to organized education, there is the Aula de la Natura del Portitxol de Xàbia (Portichol Natural History facility), noteworthy for the numerous environmental activities which have been organised in the past few years with the aim of improving knowledge of the natural resources of Xábia.

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