Xàbia Dossier - 4 Health & Social Services

(This is an unofficial, annotated translation of part of the Dossier on Local Background information about Xàbia; original prepared by IMEDES. 2006)

Because of its location, Xábia comes within the area served by the Hospital Comarcal de la Marina Alta (Dénia), (Regional Hospital for the Marina Alta (Denia), whose proximity is seen as a positive factor.

So far as health services within the town are concerned, Xábia has two health centres (one in the town and one in the port area) which operate throughout the year. These are supported by seven pharmacies.

The evaluation of municipal health. Using the statistics on notifiable diseases, (apart from the commonest ones, flu and chicken pox), these are in line with other towns. Other illnesses occur at a much lower level but within normal limits.

The following Social Services programmes are being implemented at the present time:

  • Various programmes of information, assessment and management for different groups (the elderly, disabled, young people, immigrants).
  • Home help services (Servicio de Ayuda a Domicilio - SAD)
  • Regulated Economic Assistance (Prestaciones Económicas Regladas – PER)
  • Workshop for social integration - a facility for the chronically mentally handicapped (TAPIS)
  • Social support for abused women
  • Summer schools for 3-14 year-olds
  • Recreation and free time workshops
  • Subsidies to ONGs (Organizaciones No Gubernamentales - non-Governmental bodies)
  • Transmission of subsidies to the Council for Social Welfare and Deputation of Alicante (provincial council) for the Social Services programmes

Xábia has, in addition, a Social Centre with four social workers, together with specific support of various external functions contracted by the Town Hall for the development of the previously mentioned programmes.

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