Xàbia Dossier - 6 Historical & Artistic Heritage

(This is an unofficial, annotated translation of part of the Dossier on Local Background information about Xàbia; original prepared by IMEDES, 2006.)


The historical and artistic heritage of Jávea is of great value, with an outstanding number of “Bienes de Interés Cultural” (Listed Properties of Cultural Interest) with 12 declared and one initiated. The 12 declared “BIC´s” are the following:

- Castell de la Grandella (Granadella castle)
- Casa amb matacà de l´Hort de Bolufer (House with defensive balcony)
- Casa Forta de la Bardissa (Fortified house)
- Casa Forta de Pelletes
- Casa Forta del Torroner
- Torre d´Ambolo (Tower)
- Torre del Portitxol
- Torre de les Capsades
- Conjunt d´art rupestre de la Cova del Barranc del Migdia (Cave Paintings)
- Conjunt d´art rupestre de les Coves Santes de Baix
- Conjunt d´art rupestre de les Coves Santes de Dalt
- Esglèsia Fortalesa de Sant Bertomeu (Fortified Church)

· The The “Soler Blasco” Archeological and Ethnographic Museum, created at the end of the ´60s, functions as a cultural reference warehouse of which the archeological section is the largest and most important. This museum conserves, investigates and disseminates anything relevant to the culture of the local people, preserving the material which gives insight into the history of man in these lands. The better preserved material is displayed in various rooms in the museum.

· Jávea has Regulations for Protection of Buildings approved in 2005, with 169 catalogued items (the majority with a level of partial protection). According to the Law 4/1998 of 11 June of the Valencian Cultural Heritage, all catalogued properties with a comprehensive (integral) grade of protection must be considered as Bienes de Relevancia Local (Properties of Local Relevance). Of the 169 elements catalogued, four can count on such comprehensive protection:

- Caseta de Don Juan Tena
- La Sultana
- Casa Escrivà (Hemeroscopea)
- Casa Pover or Catalá

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