Xàbia En Marxa 2018

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The project has been entitled "Xàbia En Marxa" which consists of an action plan for 2018 and the first few months of 2019
The plan is not set in stone and is still being developed to include new projects that meet the demands of the population.

The action plan has been divided into six specific areas:

1 - Investment in Strategic Projects (265,000 euros)
a) drafting of municipal swimming pool project (119,000 euros)
b) drafting of Central Cinema re-development project (61,000 euros)
c) design competition for professionals for the Montañar Coastal Path (50,000 euros)
d) new municipal school (35,000 euros)
e) tender for the first phase of the Catarroges Industrial Estate

2 - Investment in Sporting Infrastructure (2,369,000 euros)
a) new covered sports centre in Freginal (2 million euros)
b) replacement of artificial grass at the football ground (270,000 euros)
c) drafting of renovation project for Miguel Buigues Sports Centre (28,000 euros)
d) drafting of renovation project for Mesquides football pitch (71,000 euros)

3 - Investment in Cultural and Heritage Assets (210,000 euros)
a) paving of the Ruirau d'Arnauda (110,000 euros)
b) installation of a raisin threshing machine in the Riurau d'Arnauda (60,000 euros)
c) renovation of the Trinquet covered cross (34,000 euros)
d) drafting of the interior painting project for the Calvario Chapel (6,000 euros)

4 - Investment in Small Urban Works (985,000 euros)
a) pavement improvements in the Arenal zone (420,000 euros)
b) renovation of the Triana Bridge (400,000 euros)
c) pavement improvements in Avenida Juan Carlos I (147,000 euros)
d) drafting of municipal dog pound project (18,000 euros)

5 - Investment in Road and Traffic Flow Improvements (800,000 euros)
a) surfacing of Mesquides parking zone in the port (115,000 euros)
b) surfacing of the ring-roads around the historic centre (270,000 euros)
c) repair of a retaining wall in the River Gorgos (164,000 euros)
d) drafting of roundabout projects for Avenida Juan Carlos I and Avenida Pla-Avenida Tamarits (28,000 euros)
e) re-surfacing of Calle Pic Tort in the Granadella zone (223,000 euros)

6 - Investment in Sustainable and Efficient Energy (782,000 euros)
a) installation of 1,000 LED street lights (750,000 euros)
b) drafting of project for changing points for electric cars (4,000 euros)
c) installation of solar cell street lighting in the Paseo del Arenal zone (28,000 euros)

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