Xàbia Investment from the State

Xàbia to receive 5.3 million Euros in direct investment from the State

December 2nd 2008

The Municipal Investment Fund, approved by the National cabinet last Friday, will involve a direct investment in the Marina Alta of 33 million euros. The aim is to finance urgent works, especially investments "which create jobs."
The amounts for each municipality are calculated at a rate of 175 euros per capita calculated from the 2007 census, and range from 7.5 million received by Dénia to 33,000 for the Val de Alcalà. Local councils must submit a list of projects they consider potential beneficiaries of the initiative between Dec. 10 and Jan. 24. The request must include the number of unemployed expected to to be employed, the budget, certifying that the work has not previously been budgeted for and the agreement of the Town Council.

When the project is awarded (it must be tendered in a month and start to run before April 13) the local authority will receive 70% of the amount and the rest at the end of the work which must be in the first quarter of 2010.
Xàbia will receive a total of 5.3 million and on December 1st the Town Hall held a first meeting with municipal technicians to prioritise projects to submit for funding. Among the works that qualify for subsidies are the improvement of urban public spaces, equipment and infrastructure of basic services in the road networks, construction or upgrading of buildings, environmental protection, pollution prevention, urban waste management, aimed at boosting savings and energy efficiency, the removal of architectural barriers, heritage and historic town conservation, improving the drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, promoting sustainable urban mobility, fire prevention or promoting tourism.

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