Xabia Sewerage

Xàbia has a sewage treatment works, but only a small proportion of the municipality is currently (April 2009) connected to it.
In the following map:
Blue areas are those connected to the network
Green: sewered, but not yet under municipal control
Yellow: sewered, private system
The rest… septic tanks.


In April 2009 the Town Hall announced plans to connect the entire municipality to the sewerage network in accordance with an EU directive, to be complied with by 2010. It was hoped that this ambitious infrastructure development would provide employment during the economic crisis, and that funding would be forthcoming from grants.

The proposal was put forward by the international Engineering company Acciona (which built and manages the Town's desalination works)

The expected cost is between 40 and 60 million Euros. (Revised May 2009 to between 60 and 70 million)

  • For information about the value of septic tanks and decentralised waterwater treatment see:

“Septic Tanks Good or Evil? The Future of Managed Decentralized Wastewater Treatment in New Mexico
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