Xàbia Idea is an association of entrepreneurs which is determined to work for companies, and by extension the Javiense community to achieve increased competitiveness, to diversify the economic sector and make it more seasonally independent.

Open to anyone in the municipality who wants to contribute ideas to improve the local economy, this independent, non-political group was born with the aim of becoming a bank of ideas and as a forum for discussion and development of new business initiatives. It seeks to introduce a culture of innovation in local business through meetings, conferences and awards.

Xàbia Idea invites all residents to join the association and provide ideas for new projects.
These will be discussed at a forum and then form a working group of 4 to 5 people who will study the feasibility of the proposal and conduct an economic analysis of its application.

If the outcome is positive, Xàbia Idea, as a non-profit association, will give the idea to any local company that is willing to introduce it into the town.
Unlike other associations, Xàbia idea is not part of any particular union, nor does it represent interests in a particular sector, but rather it intends to function as a social network of people who have concerns and who want to improve the town and its economy.

Innovación - innovation
Desarrollo - development
Eficiencia - efficiency
Aplicación - application

Main objectives:
1. Aumento de la competitividad. - Improve competitiveness
2. Diversificación en sectores. - Business Sector diversification
3. Desestacionalización de la economía. - Economic activity all year round.

Website: http://xabiaidea.es/
E-mail: moc.liamg|aediaibax#moc.liamg|aediaibax

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