The retail and hospitality sectors of the Port come together under the new trademark “Xàbia Port”

The association organises a crafts and design fair for this weekend

Javea. Thursday, 7th June 2012.

The Association of Retailers and Businesses of Aduanes del Mar unveiled its new promotional brand "Xàbia Port", which they hope will bring together all the businesses in the area, whether they are retail, hospitality or services. The group also presented its new executive board, chaired by Yolanda Ponce with Andres Ortiz as Vice President, Amparo Bertomeu as Treasurer and Sulay Obando as Secretary.

According to explanations from the representatives of the business association, the initial phase will focus on increasing the unity of all the business sectors in order to provide a unified image of the Port as a commercial, tourist and leisure destination. Not surprisingly, this area has approximately one hundred bars and restaurants, as well as over 170 small shops and service businesses.

They also took the opportunity to unveil the association's new logo, designed by fellow member Mark Weston, which features the silhouette of a fish bearing the brand name “Xàbia Port” and three bubbles representing the three business sectors.

With regard to their first actions, Ponce reported that this week they have signed a partnership agreement with the Javea Town Hall, which will co-fund some of the activities they are preparing for the coming months. The first of these starts this very weekend with the Craft and Design Fair, which will fill Avenida Jaume I from 11 am on Saturday and Sunday with stalls featuring cosmetics, jewellery, ornaments, incense and other handicrafts. There will be chill-out music playing during the evenings and children's entertainment in the afternoons. The fair will be repeated in July (12th to 15th) and August (2nd to 5th).
Other projects that Xàbia Port is working on includes a directory of all the member businesses, as well as a tapas route for the long weekend of 6-12 October (the Pilar). The Vice President of the association, Andres Ortiz, has revealed that this activity, which they intend to re-edit every year, will be called “La Mar de Tapas”, and will consist of a competition between participating establishments, with special opening hours for retailers.

Juan Luis Cardona, Councillor for Economic Development, came to show his support on behalf of the Local Council and expressed his hopes that these events would help to improve the competitiveness of the Port, an area with plenty of "strength and character". Cardona welcomed the new board and thanked them for their dedication, enthusiasm and for pulling together in the same direction to stimulate the local economy. The Councillor also acknowledged the work done by the previous president, Geovanny Sanchez, who after chairing the association for many years, will continue to support it as a fellow member of the board.

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